ART GROUP Sp. z o.o. was established in 1995 as the branch of the French architectural company ART INGENIERIE S. A.
     Our aim is to provide our Customers, who carry out their construction projects, with the comprehensive services with the emphasis on keeping the deadlines and the budget of the project.
     To achieve this, we develop multidisciplinary activity based on our knowledge of administrative procedures and the ability to adjust to the Customer's individual requirements, and everything is supported with the use of the recent IT technology and knowledge of the foreign languages.
    Our experience and the fact of being familiar with the construction market constitute the guarantee for our Customers that their projects will succeed.

Preparing the project
- search for the site
- market research
- investment technical feasibility study

Tender documentation 
- preparation of the bidding documents
- arrangement and carrying out of the bidding procedure
The conceptions
- site planning study
- architectural conception development
- project cost assessment
- environment influence analysis
- obtaining the Decision on Site Development Conditions (WZiZT)

Carrying out the project
- execution documentation 
- coordination of the construction works
- organization and execution of the investor's supervision
- arrangement of acceptance procedures and obtaining the decisions concerning the permit to use
Building design
- preparation of designs for the purpose of the building permit as agreed with the competent Authorities
- obtaining the decision concerning the building permit

ART GROUP Ltd, 02-828 Warsaw Rysy 2 Str., tel +48 22 644 81 50, fax +48 22 644 03 13